Wine Marketing 101: Who And How to Target

Wine is universal. It is understood throughout most countries, in many languages and, most importantly, across multiple generations. So it stands to reason that wine marketing should be universal as well, right? Wrong.  Industry authorities believe that today’s wine marketing efforts may be most successful when they target a certain generation. Specifically? Generation X.

Generation X refers to those individuals that are currently in their 40s and 50s. They are younger than Baby Boomers but older than Millennials. And, while the group is numerically smaller than those surrounding it, members of Generation X are poised to take the wine industry by storm. Here’s why!

Higher Income: On average, members of Generation X tend to make about $15,000 more annually than their predecessors and $30,000 more than their successors as a group.

More Impressions: Individuals in this age range are relatively well-versed in a diverse range of advertising formats. They read print and listen to the radio like the generation before them but they also engage in a healthy amount of internet activity like the generation after, creating additional opportunities for exposure to your marketing message.

Expensive Taste: A 2017 State of the Wine Industry report indicates that “by 2021 Generation X wine purchases will surpass the Baby Boomers not only in volume but also in dollars…” The reason? Generation Xers prefer high-dollar wine.

This is fantastic information for those of us within the industry. But what do we do with it? How do we tailor our marketing efforts to meet the needs of such a specific group of wine drinkers?

Messaging: Choose copy that promotes a sense of authenticity. Focus on topics like heritage and family. All of these concepts are important to the average Gen Xer due to their central position within their own families. Many Generation X adults are currently supporting both their parents and their offspring.

Touchpoints: Gen Xers need reminders thanks to the demanding nature of their lives. Multiple touchpoints can serve as reminders at several crucial points in your sales funnel. Create educational videos about your vineyard or a wine of the month, and then post them on social media using relevant hashtags. Send invitations to your membership club. (Yes, you should have one!) Follow up purchases with a thank-you email. All of these things create brand loyalty and position you as a knowledgeable authority in the wine industry.

Incentives: The Gen X class loves a great deal. More specifically? They love deals that result from their devotion to your brand. A surge in options and production creates an overwhelming amount of choice that didn’t exist when they were children. As a result, adults in this age range are likely to exhibit brand loyalty. They’ll find a brand they like and stick with it indefinitely. If they choose your brand...reward them!

A good, targeted marketing plan works well with your sales funnel and takes time to create. The best way to get started is by evaluating your current client list. How many of them are members of Generation X? Do your current marketing efforts meet their needs? If not, take the time to adjust them. After all, ignoring a wine-loving generation that accounts for more than 30% of our country’s income would be a colossal mistake!